Robo-Porcupine Conquers Mount Sunapee

NEWBURY – Mount Sunapee Resort hosts an annual cardboard sled race.  This year, a team of liberty activists built a sled in the shape of a porcupine and won first prize.  The porcupine is the mascot of the Free State Project. New Hampshire activists commonly refer to one another as Porcupines or “Porcs”.  The Robo-Porcupine cardboard sled was designed and engineered by FSP early movers Jim Johnson and Lauren Canario as a homeschooling project. Under their guidance the kids, along with recent mover Ethan Glover, got together once a week to help make their concept a reality. Per contest rules, only cardboard, duct tape, paint, and wax could be used. The team transformed Canario’s design sketches into this amazing sled!



This two minute video documents the build process.

WMUR’s New Hampshire Chronicle videotaped the event and interviewed participants. Their coverage aired on Thursday, April 16th at 7:00 p.m.

Past Victories

This isn’t the first Mount Sunapee victory for Johnson and Canario. As 2009 Cardboard Sled Race Champions they created the awesome Pirate Ship, Griffin, and won in the Most Creative category.

Johnson and Canario are internationally acclaimed Kinetic Sculpture racing World Champions. Winning the grueling pedal powered championship race got them invited to Australia for an exciting build and ride event there. They came to New Hampshire from Nevada via New London, Connecticut, where they helped some residents of Fort Trumbull in resisting the eminent domain taking of their homes. Fort Trumbull is the neighborhood made famous in the landmark Kelo vs City of New London Supreme Court ruling. In 2005 Canario was arrested and imprisoned for three months for her peaceful act of civil disobedience occupying one of the Fort Trumbull homes.

In 2008, Keene-based liberty activist and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Ian Freeman was arrested and sentenced to 93 days in jail for the crime of having a couch in the front yard of the property which he owns.  In a show of solidarity, Johnson and Canario built a snow couch on their lawn in Winchester.

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