Portsmouth Gets a Liberty Meet-Up Space: the Praxeum

Issue #11 – Thursday, July 31, 2014

PORTSMOUTH – On July 25th, Mike Vine announced on Facebook that the Freecoast is getting its first liberty space this fall, expected to open Sept 1.  I spoke with Vine about the new venue, dubbed the Praxeum.

SLN: Who’s behind this venture?

Vine: A few partners, all in the Freecoast liberty community, put up the financing to get it rolling. We have a lot of space and hope to make it financially sustainable long term. For now, the partners view it as a combination space for us to do our projects and as a way to give back to the liberty community.

SLN: What’s your vision for the venue?

Vine: My vision is to have a flexible use space for liberty-oriented people. It can serve as a co-working space for freelancers. It can be a classroom… a space for private events… a hangout for the local liberty community.

As a voluntarist, I’m driven to see that our development of the movement includes building institutions. We have distinct values that set us apart from the mainstream. Working at another local co-working space helped crystalize for me how much we need to have our own things, our own spaces.

SLN: How will people gain access to the Praxeum?

Vine: All members who pay a monthly fee will have access and can come and go as they like. Everyone else is welcome to come and hang out and contribute where they can. We’ve already had a number of people volunteer to donate furniture and help out in various ways. The community is behind it.

There may be a second level of membership for “pro” members. If you want to have a permanent desk, a bit of the area reserved to do certain kinds of projects, you could pay a higher monthly fee for that.

SLN: Who is welcome to join/visit?

Vine: We’re looking for people that we know, that we think will use the space responsibly.

SLN: Do you have any specific events planned yet?

Vine: Not yet. I hope to help the homeschooling community. There are a number of Seacoast homeschoolers that don’t have a place to meet. Freecoast Anarcraft (a social group for liberty lovers who enjoy arts and crafts) just started last week and they want to meet there.

SLN: What does the name mean?

Vine: Praxeum has a few meanings. We think of it as a mixture of Aristotle’s Lyceum and praxeology with Austrian economics. Praxis is Latin for “action” or “process of doing”.  Pay no attention to the Star Wars reference!

SLN: How can people get more info?

Vine: Join the Freecoast group on Facebook for updates.