PorcFest 2014 Media Roundup

LANCASTER – Plans are underway for the Free State Project‘s twelfth annual PorcFest.  Not many details have been released about this year’s schedule. Several popular events from past years will be returning:

  • Buzz’ Big Gay Dance Party – one of the most popular events each year, featuring wild costumes and pumping house music.  The hostess, J. Buzz Webb aka “The Duchess”, has announced that this will be the sixth and final BBGDP.  She’s accepting donations to help offset costs. Prizes will be awarded for best costume, best dancer, and “Ms. Porcu-Pole”.
  • One Pot Cook-Off – this annual tradition is a combo cook-off/scavenger hunt for dinner. It challenges participants to win over their audience with the tastiest meal cooked in just one pot at a campsite. Diners are given maps of the campground with all of the participating campsites marked. They then walk from site to site, tasting and judging. Cash prizes are awarded to the top three chefs. This year’s cookoff takes place Thurs., June 25th. 4:30-8:00pm.
  • Agora Valley – agorism in action, with dozens of entrepreneurs selling meals, silver, clothing, arts & crafts, and all sorts of other goods. Almost all vendors last year accepted alternative currencies, including silver and Bitcoin. The FSP is still accepting vendor registrations.
  • speakers, classes, live music, parties, hikes, shooting events, kids’ events and more

Media Coverage of PorcFest 2014

Here’s a media roundup of some of the coverage of last year’s PorcFest:

Free State Project building on its vision for NH – lengthy and complimentary coverage in the Concord Monitor

Libertarian PorcFest vendors eager to charge in bitcoin – Concord Monitor article focusing on the prevalence of Bitcoin at last year’s PorcFest

‘PorcFest’ Draws Libertarians to Wilds of N.H. – reprint of a Washington Post article in the Valley News; very condescending tone, focusing on “fringe” aspects of PorcFest while making no mention of the many children’s events, nationally-known speakers, classes, volunteer first aid…

Guns, Drugs, And Partial Nudity: PopSci Goes To A Techno-Libertarian Bash – Popular Science article focusing on the tech-heavy demographic at PorcFest


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