New Hampshire Residents Don’t Want to Leave

New Hampshire ranks highly in a newly released Gallup poll asking residents whether or not they would move out of their state if they could. Granite State residents don’t want to leave!  It tied with Oregon and Texas for the second lowest percent of would-be movers. At the opposite end of the spectrum, fully half of residents surveyed in Illinois and Connecticut would move to a different state. The average percentage across all states is 33%.

States Where the Most Residents Would Leave if They Could, June-December 2013States Where the Fewest Residents Would Leave if They Could, June-December 2013

“These findings are from a 50-state Gallup poll, conducted June-December 2013, which includes at least 600 representative interviews with residents aged 18 and older in each state. Gallup measured residents’ interest in moving out of state by asking, “Regardless of whether you will move, if you had the opportunity, would you like to move to another state, or would you rather remain in your current state?”” source

New Hampshire Residents Proud of State

Another recent Gallup poll complements these findings by discovering that New Hampshire has one of the highest percentages of residents who describe their state as “best or one of the best possible states to live”.  New Hampshire ranked seventh in the nation, with 67% of those polled praising their state.

Top states for prideBottom states for pride

Details of Gallup’s polling methodology can be found at the end of its articles here  and here.


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