New Hampshire Liberty Ladies are Locked ‘n Loaded

Women's Defense League of New Hampshire group photoIssue #13 – Thursday, August 14, 2014

CONCORD – On July 21st a group of female Second Amendment activists announced the formation of a new organization: The Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire. The League provides women opportunities to learn practical self-defense skills and defends Second Amendment rights. The League was created by the former leadership of the Second Amendment Sisters – NH Chapter.

In their initial press release, League President Margot Keyes stated “We created the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire to better serve the women in our New Hampshire Second Amendment community. We are very excited to continue the same activities that we’ve supported in the past, and to grow and enhance services to our membership.”

Shire Liberty News spoke with Keyes yesterday about the new group.

The Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire was formed in July of 2014 as a women’s education and advocacy organization to ensure that ladies are trained, educated and aware of issues regarding our Second Amendment rights. This fully incorporated non-profit organization ensures that all the efforts and monies raised by New Hampshire women stay in the state to support our communities here. The League is not part of any national organization.

WDLNH shootThe League’s goal is to educate ladies about the proper usage and ownership of firearms and other methods of self-defense, as well as inform them about legislation and news that affects our Second Amendment rights. It hosts ladies-only shoots at various locations around the state, where women can learn the basics of safety and shooting fundamentals, try firearms before purchasing, shoot on a range and get together with other women who share this passion. The League also attends gun shows, open houses and other events throughout the state to allow our community to become aware of the issues we battle to preserve our Second Amendment rights.

Members will receive newsletters and other bonuses each month, and all but supporting members have voting privileges in the annual membership meeting. This will enable their voices to be heard in how this New Hampshire-based organization serves our community.

Membership Info

Membership is open to all New Hampshire residents. There are four levels:

  • Full Membership is available to ladies 18+ for $25.
  • Premium Members can join for $35. In addition to Full membership benefits, you receive a Molon Labe pin crafted from brass cartridges by local artisans.
  • Platinum membership is $100. In addition to Premium benefits, it awards the member a guaranteed spot with registration to 10 shoots throughout the year.
  • Support members, underage ladies, and men, can join for $20. They have no voting privileges at the annual membership meeting. However, young ladies are able to attend. All ladies are able to attend shoots; underage ladies simply must attend with a female parent or guardian.

There are plans for special events like mom and child (so sons can take part as well as daughters) shoots and fully open events for other self-defense disciplines like martial arts, knives or archery.

“New Hampshire has spoken”, said Keyes. “Its women want options for learning about ways to protect themselves and their families.”

The Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, though not a charity. Donations are welcomed (but are not tax-deductible). It may be found on Facebook, on Twitter at @WDLNH and via email at

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