Smartest Students in the U.S. in New Hampshire

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, a map compiled by research engine FindTheBest ranks New Hampshire first in the nation for the smartest students, followed by Minnesota and Massachusetts, based on each state’s test scores for the SAT, ACT, AP and National Assessment of Educational Progress tests. They sourced this information from each state’s department of education.

FindTheBest’s mission is to collect, structure and connect the world’s data to help people research with confidence. Founded in 2009, the company has grown from five people in a garage to over 100 people dedicated to helping their 23 million monthly visitors research thousands of topics.  FindTheBest has partnered with hundreds of organizations, licensed thousands of private data sets, and lobbied domestic and foreign governments with the goal of collecting all the world’s data. Their product managers and data engineers normalize this information, inject it into their platform, and then their algorithms make connections between previously disparate data sets.

More Factoids about New Hampshire

In addition to having the smartest students, here are some other factoids included on FindTheBest’s profile of New Hampshire include the following:

  • an unemployment rate 2.6% lower than the national average
  • a higher percentage of home ownership than the national average
  • on a per capita basis, New Hampshire has 38% fewer “vice” businesses than average for the country
  • on a per capita basis, the state has 45% more fitness centers, and 2.2 times as many yoga studios, than average!
  • most families in New Hampshire are classified as small, meaning they have two or three members. The percent of small families is higher than the national average.
  • the average commute length is 26.4 minutes
  • Of the total number of people that moved into New Hampshire in 2011, 15,290 of them moved from Massachusetts, making it the number one place that people are moving in from. The next most common sources of immigrants are Maine, Vermont, and Connecticut, respectively.


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