Mad Lib: Cosmic Conspiracy Theory

Issue #20 – Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – Many thousands of years ago, all creatures lived free, in harmony with nature. That is, until the (Proper Noun)_____________________ came. The (Proper Noun) _____________________ saw the richness of Earth’s bounty, with its magnificent stores of (element)_____________________, (element)_____________________, and (type of animal)_____________________. Various religious traditions, from the Torah of the Hebrews and the stories of their Sumerian cousins to the fantastic Hindu scriptures, relate the stories of how the (Proper Noun)_____________________ first came to Earth and raised man to consciousness. Now there have been many reasons given for the origin of Man, but the historical record of these texts makes man’s purpose clear – after aeons of experimentation, the (Proper Noun)_____________________ created man to (verb)_____________________ (element or type of animal)_____________________. Whether for their amusement or the enrichment of their home world, the (Proper Noun)_____________________ set the wheel of human civilization in motion. The ancient texts tell of visitors bringing gifts of technology like the heralded Baghdad (noun)_____________________, the (adjective)_____________________ (noun)_____________________ of Pumapunku, and other wonders attested in the record. To this day, the (Proper Noun)_____________________ meddle in the affairs of man, controlling their thoughts with liberal doses of (noun)_____________________ in the water supply. You can spot a (Proper Noun)_____________________ by their (adjective)_____________________ (body part)_____________________, which can be seen only after expanding your consciousness.
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