Mad Lib: Industry-Based Conspiracy Theory

Industry-Based Conspiracy Theory Mad LibIssue #12 – Thursday, August 7, 2014

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – The (historical time period) _____________________ was/were a (adjective) _____________________ age for America, when people kept the fruits of their labor and thousands of entrepreneurs worked to improve the station of themselves and their families.


Some, however, saw this new order as a threat to their power – and Phineas P. Soddenbottom, the (name of industry) _____________________ magnate, saw an untenable future. He set to work with his cronies in the (name of industry) _____________________ industry, (branch of federal government) _____________________ branch, and (branch of military) _____________________. They established extensive regulations banning (noun) _____________________, strictly controlling the price of (noun) _____________________, and raising the cost of entry to (name of industry) _____________________ by requiring a license before (infinitive verb) _____________________ for profit.


The scam inspired countless others, like William Randolph Hearst, who used similar tactics to corner the market on (noun) _____________________ and ban marijuana for his own wicked ends. To this very day, the (acronym) _____________________, (acronym) _____________________, (acronym)_____________________, (acronym) _____________________, and other crony organizations exploit the same system.


One of the most (adjective)_____________________ of these scams is in the pharmaceutical industry, where (adjective)_____________________ board members and their lackey scientists have introduced such scourges as Whooping Cough, cancer, and Hungarian (animal)__________________ (disease symptom)_____________________, just to make a buck off of cures that don’t work. Meanwhile, natural alternatives like (type of mineral or element) _____________________ (human organ)_____________________ cleansing are left to wither on the vine.

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