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laser activist Bill Domenico
laser activist Bill Domenico

Issue #16 – Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014

MANCHESTER – Shire Liberty News interviewed Manchester-based liberty activist Bill Domenico, known for his laser dubbed the “Green Beam”.

SLN: What brought you to the liberty movement?

BD: It really had its seed in events like Waco. Seeing Waco unfold, and the ability of the government to bring harm to people without any responsibility for its aggression, was what crystalized it for me. I began my journey down the “rabbit hole”. In 2008 I found Ron Paul, which led me to the Free State Project. It’s been a wild ride ever since, learning about what liberty really means and how little we actually have.

SLN: What forms of activism besides the Green Beam are you involved in?

BD: It’s been a large cross section of causes over the years. Demonstrating against police brutality in Keene and Manchester… countless trips to courts across the state in support of other activists… 420 demonstrations in Keene, Nashua and Manchester… 2nd Amendment rallies in Concord… occasional testimony at committee hearings in Concord… many political sign waves as well as door to door canvassing for candidates… trips to Ron Paul events in D.C., Minnesota and Tampa… The list goes on. Lately, thanks to an increasing influx of liberty seeking individuals moving to New Hampshire, I find myself having more time to devote to liberty-minded tech projects such as 3D printing, aerobots and lasers.

SLN: How did you first get started doing laser activism?

Green Beam
photo credit: Tennyson McCalla

BD: I found myself fascinated by the large scale projects done by Graffiti Research Labs (GRL). Since I have been involved with lasers and electronics for many years, it was a natural course of action to apply lasers to the task of “spreading the message” in a way that cannot be ignored. My first application of the laser was for the Ron Paul 2012 campaign.

SLN: Where are some of the places you’ve used a laser for activism purposes?

BD: For political rallies: Manchester, various locations downtown and at the Verizon Wireless Arena. Concord, at the BEARCAT protests. Portland Maine at the civic center and the Romney rally as well as 4th of July this year in Manchester. Free State Project advertising at the Sun Dome in Tampa.

SLN: That’s fantastic! What kind of response do you generally get from the public? Positive or negative?

BD: Usually positive, especially due to the unique nature of the medium. Most people have not seen this sort of activism and are fascinated by it.

SLN: What are the technical specs of your laser, or what kind is it (I know nothing about lasers, in case it’s not obvious 🙂 )?

BD: The original Green Beam was documented as a construction project for Freedom’s Phoenix magazine. It used a 200mW, DPSS, 532nm laser… just enough power to get the message out a short distance and to test the idea. Six months later the laser was upgraded to a 1000mw unit which is what has been in use for about two years now. The new laser, currently under construction, will have three lasers: a red, green and blue, and will be capable of full color graphics.

SLN: Is there any particular incident that stands out in your memory that you’d like to share?

BD: There are several that put a smile on my face. The trip to Portland for the Ron Paul campaign was fun. We were down the street from the civic center where a hockey game was in progress. The Green Beam was projecting “RON PAUL 2012” in a 16 foot tall font on the side of the parking garage while the Ron Paul version of “New York, New York” was playing on our PA system. Needless to say, we got a little attention that night!

SLN: Do you feel this is an effective form of activism or outreach? Should more people start doing this?

BD: I believe it can be quite effective in getting a message to the public, especially in locations where there are large crowds or other high traffic.

I predict that more people will be doing this in the near future. The last Green Beam is now in the hands of activists in Ohio. Expect to see some video from them. Just a couple of weeks ago it was reported that college students used a similar laser to beam Obama’s likeness, eating a banana, onto the side of the American embassy in Moscow in “celebration” of his birthday.

SLN: Anything else that you’d like Shire Liberty News readers to know about?

BD: I would like to thank all those who have generously supported the new laser project. I’m still waiting for a few parts to arrive. The lasers are here and they are amazing. Thank you for having me in the newsletter.

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