Freecoast to Host First Annual Freecoast Festival

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PORTSMOUTH – The, which fosters the growing liberty movement in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire, has announced that it will be hosting the First Annual Freecoast Festival.

According to its Facebook page,

“The Freecoast Festival is a new opportunity for our local liberty community to come together and for prospective movers to see what life is really like on the Seacoast.

The weekend-long event starts with a Friday night pub crawl through Portsmouth’s famed night spots – in the tradition of the Ron Paul pub crawl held by supporters before his record showing in the 2012 NH primary.

Saturday morning, we meet at Newmarket’s Stone Church Meeting House to hear a series of short talks on the theme of Radical Entrepreneurship – everything from Bitcoin ATMs to co-working spaces to the Free State Project itself. Attendees will have access to a full cash bar and lunch menu at the Stone Church, or you can mozy down the hill to Burrito Liberation, home of the Freecoast Bitcoin Meetup and first NH restaurant to accept the digital currency.

Then, we’ll head back to Portsmouth to catch a sunset cruise of Portsmouth Harbor and the New Hampshire coastline!

Or, if cruising’s not your thing, the festivities will continue at the Stone Church with live music from a select group of leading local acts.

Brought to you by the lead organizers of PorcFest X, we’re putting in the effort to make the Freecoast Festival a weekend to remember. Come see what we have to offer and maybe you’ll decide the Freecoast life is right for you too.


* Space is truly limited, so reserve your spot today. Read the Eventbrite page for important details before purchasing.

* Come find the Freecoast booth (Site 9) in Agora Valley at PorcFest XI if you’d like to pay cash, credit, gold, silver, or BTC in person, or just to chat about all the Freecoast has to offer.”

New Hampshire is rapidly becoming a nexus of liberty events. Just in 2014, it has played host to the annual New Hampshire Liberty Forum, and is the location of the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival later this month, and the second annual Keenevention in October.

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