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Ed Smith

Wow, you are still publishing great, great stuff. I am probably 60-90 days away from my move to Concord so things are going great.

The article “Libertarians Should Hang Out” really hit me. That is the reason my wife and I are moving to NH. We feel “invisible” where we are now. Now I am 72 and married, so probably not a lot of Libertarians are going to be able to relate to me, and of course vice versa, but man do I want to try to connect with some of them. I need to breathe again, to relate, to stop hiding my opinions and so on. So “hang out” I will and happy I will be.

Angela Harris

Great essay [Sticks and Stones] in the newsletter!

Wayne Stottlar

Excellent piece! [Rein in the Police, Not Protesters] Very well written piece, so good in fact that I found myself wanting to skip the pull quotes and keep with the writer’s words. Very good.

John Simpson

Just finished reading Shire news on Activism and think you nailed it all very well. I moved to NH 30+yrs ago for freedom in a rural setting… Our efforts in activism are involvement in local voting and budget issues; fighting special interests of all kinds within the budget; opposing public education; involvement with FSPers of the area; and trying to persuade the blind and confused of how much they are enslaved.

Kristine Boncer

I really enjoyed this article [Sticks and Stones] as it is quite compelling.

Ed Smith

Thanks for publishing my suggestion [State of Firearms Legislation in New Hampshire]… it was great. I am so a fan of your work, I am happy to be a part of it, if only in a small way. OK, thanks again and keep up the good work.

Pat Kaz

Nice write up [Liberty Forum FTW!!], Death to the Pop Tarts ! LIBERTY ALWAYS”

Chris Lawless (aka “Ron Paul’s Freaking Giant“)

I enjoyed Rumpler’s article [3 Communication Lessons for Libertarians]

Patricia Lee

Brilliant article [A Little Less Douche]… I think this needed to be written for a range of participants.


“Enjoyed this article [A Little Less Douche]. Glad to see SLN is growing!“ – Mike Vine


“Very well-written!” – Mark Warden, Porcupine Real Estate


“That [Where the Jahannam Were YOU?] is one excellent article.My first thought was that it should be widely shared, but then again maybe it should be a little more ‘under the radar’.” – Rich Angell


“Educational and entertaining article by Bill Walker about becoming a delegate. I did, and you can, too! (Props to Sandy Pierre for another great newsletter.)” – Ofer Nave


“The articles with the “Alien” and “Amanda” show the perseverance in my opinion that these 2 individual Free Staters have. I believe there are more stories that need to be told. Nice job.” – William B. Laronal, Jr.


“I was interested to read about Amanda Bouldin’s primary victory. I’m one of those people who go back and forth about whether there is any hope for real change via politics. ” – Dave Burns


“That [I Married an Alien] was a great issue! One of the world’s telomerase experts I knew in the Shay-Wright lab was kicked out and is now working for the evil French… she had a freakin’ Ph.D. and a bunch of published papers, German citizenship…, and is the authority on the intertelomere section of human DNA. And she worked the system, entered the citizen lottery etc. Not good enough, we tossed her out. This is a theme in US immigration… ” – Bill Walker


“Thanks for the interview with Amanda, that was great! One nit to pick, though: “liberty candidates lost in the big ticket positions (Governor, Senator)”  I can hardly call Marilinda Garcia’s victory a “loss” for a liberty candidate. She is definitely more Libertarian than any sitting US Senator, and will likely make national news for New Hampshire’s continuing libertarian direction.” – Denis Goddard


Thanks for sending me the back issues of [SLN].  I especially enjoyed the review of the book about the CIA.  Keep up the great journalism … btw at least one other prisoner … a convert … is reading your work in here. – Rich Paul, serving time for (victimless) parole violations after serving time for a victimless crime


“Great work dismantle the Dominators. Keep’um coming!” – William B. Laronal


“Thanks for the great writeup Sandy! Everyone, subscribe to Shire Liberty News!” – Mike Vine, co-organizer of the Freecoast Festival


“NH liberty website of the year:

Free Keene *FINALLY* has friendly competition. Nice job Sandy – keep up the good work.” – Ian Freeman, co-host of the nationally syndicated talk radio program Free Talk Live


“Turns out that the Free State of New Hampshire has a way-cool new online newspaper. It’s called Shire Liberty News and… It was started just a few months ago, and the editor appears to be Sandy Pierre; her new online newspaper is tres cool (you can sign up get it sent to you right there on the home page). – Tim Condon, Esq.


“good stuff, definitely worth putting your email address for a free subscription” – Franz H.


“Love it! Great job, this is excellent!” – Shalon Da-Nai Spaulding


“Liked the meditation article. The “flood of negative thoughts” is mostly your subconscious realizing that the cat is tearing up your stuff while you’re in lotus position.” – Bill Walker


Nicely done! – Jason Sorens, Ph.D., author of the essays that started the Free State Project


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