CopBlock Founder Indicted a Second Time for Recording

Manchester – Adam Mueller, aka “Ademo Freeman”, is to face a retrial for an incident in which he audio-recorded a police officer and two public school employees after the police officer was caught on video using excessive force against a high school student.

According to an article in the Union Leader, the new indictments, again felony charges, this time accuse Mueller of “willfully” intercepting and recording telephone conversations with then-principal Mary Ellen McGorry of Manchester High School West, a secretary at the school and Manchester police Capt. Jonathan Hopkins, without their consent on Oct. 4, 2011. Freeman was previously indicted for this incident, convicted, sentenced, then had the conviction overturned by the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

The incident stems from video footage filmed by a student in the high school cafeteria and later uploaded to YouTube that appears to show Manchester Police Detective Murphy using excessive force against another student over a minor, nonviolent dispute between himself and his own sister, pushing him down and smashing his face into a cafeteria table in front of numerous witnesses. The student was also handcuffed, taken by paddywagon to the police station, booked and held on bail.

After Freeman was alerted to the incident, he called the school, seeking comment from the public employees involved. He recorded the conversations, posted the audio recording online and was later charged with wiretapping, a felony. Freeman represented himself in the original case and was indicted by the grand jury, tried in Hillsborough County Superior Court North and convicted by the jury.

Freeman was sentenced to four years in prison but it was suspended pending five years of good behavior. He was also sentenced to three months in jail. The conviction was later overturned by the New Hampshire Supreme Court because the Superior Court Judge made an error in the jury instructions.

In the new trial, Freeman will be represented by Attorney Brandon Ross, who successfully represented him during his appeal of the first conviction.

Freeman is the founder of and lives in the Lakes District of New Hampshire.  According to its website, CopBlock is “a decentralized project supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goal of police accountability…By documenting police actions whether they are illegal, immoral or just a waste of time and resources then putting direct pressure on the individuals responsible (ideally while recording and then later sharing), we can work together to bring about transparency and have a real impact.”

In an interview with the Conway Daily Sun, Freeman said, 
”The biggest recruiter for people in support of Cop Block, or any sort of freedom and liberty oriented thing, is the government itself. The government is becoming more oppressive, more intrusive and lastly more violent with every passing day.” According to Freeman, the CopBlock website gets over 200,000 unique views every month.  Its Facebook page currently has over 635,000 fans.

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