Conspiracy Theory Mad Libs

Issue #8 – Thursday, July 10, 2014

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – It’s likely that at some point in your life you’ll encounter a number of conspiracy theories. For the good of the land, we want YOU to be able to get in on the fun – create your own conspiracies to share with your friends! Post them on the Internet and Facebook – who has time for fact checking? In no time, YOU will have a following of true believers, but only if YOU YOURSELF have the strength to truly BELIEVE!


Secret societies are real. The documentary evidence proves their existence, from the (adjective)_____________________ (noun)_____________________ Wisdom society of the ancient Arabs and the Mythraic Mysteries cults in Greece to the modern-day (adjective)_____________________ Hammer of Starry (noun)_____________________ in Europe. They are typically based on a core of secret knowledge, passed down from one generation of members to the next through (adjective)_____________________ initiation ceremonies in clandestine (type of building)_____________________s across the globe. Although the details are masked in secrecy, all these groups share a singular belief at their core – a belief in a (animal)_____________________-like deity that demands (human organ)_____________________s, and abhors (benign action)_____________________.

Armed with this sword of knowledge, we can see the emanations of this (animal)_____________________-god in every aspect of modern American life. President Obama signals his allegiance to it in nearly every public appearance – watch closely, you’ll see him (verb)_____________________ his left (body part)_____________________ three times – three being the number they use to symbolize the (adjective)_____________________ mission of their lord. Pop culture is also suffused with their symbolism – (name of female pop star)_____________________ might as well wear a sign around her neck.

We hope this knowledge will help you in your daily fight against (abstract concept)_____________________, and help you to spot the acolytes of this (animal)_____________________-god.

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