Bitcoin Accepted by New Hampshire Candidates

Bitcoin, the increasingly popular peer-to-peer, stateless cryptocurrency, has been embraced by New Hampshire political candidates.  In May, the Federal Election Commission made Bitcoin a legal form of currency for campaign contributions. Since then, New Hampshire liberty candidates have wasted  no time adopting its use in their fundraising.

According to a recent article on SYS-CON, about a dozen New Hampshire state senate candidates have begun to use PayStand to accept online campaign contributions.   PayStand is a next generation online payment solution which accepts Bitcoin as well as traditional forms of payment. Among the New Hampshire senate candidates accepting Bitcoin are Eileen Landies, Chair of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, who is currently running for NH Senate District 20.

“It’s important for government leaders to listen to their constituency,” states Andrew Hemingway, a New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial candidate. “New Hampshire is known as the Live Free or Die State and we have always been very strong in our independent ideals. The state has spoken — they want the opportunity to use innovative and convenient payment alternatives. I am happy to accept Bitcoin as political donations and want to make it as simple a process as possible for my supporters to do that. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is the wave of the future and I want to do everything I can to allow people to use it — including for political donations of all sorts.” – SYS-CON Media

Jeremy Almond, CEO of PayStand, was quoted as saying “From day one PayStand has included Bitcoin among all other forms of payment and we are thrilled to be on the leading edge in the political donation process in New Hampshire and throughout the country.”

“The candidates we’ve endorsed understand that Bitcoin represents the kind of market-driven innovation this state needs to succeed in today’s global economy,” said Aaron Day, chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire and CEO of the Atlas Society. “PayStand offers a comprehensive, turnkey solution for candidates — and political organizations like ours — dependent on donations for victory.”

According to SYS-CON, New Hampshire is leading the currency revolution. It was ranked as having the most Bitcoin transactions per capita of any state in the US. NH State Representative Mark Warden, a Manchester Republican, Free State Project early mover, and former Chair of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, is reportedly the first sitting elected official in the country to take donations by Bitcoin.

New Hampshire Rep. Mark Warden is reportedly the first state-level political candidate in the U.S. to accept campaign contributions in Bitcoin
New Hampshire Rep. Mark Warden

“In our State Rep campaign (NH), I was approached by a campaign staffer to pay him in Bitcoin”, said Warden.  “I agreed, though I had a very rudimentary understanding of the currency. He then suggested  I accept Bitcoin contributions to the campaign. This turned out to be a fabulous idea, though its subsequent implementation had a number of challenges.”

Warden continued, “I chose to accept Bitcoin donations, not so much for the campaign per se, but to help give the new currency a sense of mainstream acceptability and applicability. As a strong believer in free markets, my confidence in the power of markets and competition extends not only to automobiles, housing, clothes, energy, haircuts, news sources and vegetables, but also to currencies. Why not? Any competition to the monopoly USD is going to bring innovation and improvement to new players…”

“I knew very little of the technology, of course, and relied heavily on advice from players in the New Hampshire Bitcoin community such as Josh Harvey, Matt Whitlock, Erik Voorhees and others. These guys were invaluable in working out the kinks of a new online contribution system as well as spreading the word worldwide, leading to contributions from strangers throughout the US.”

Harvey and Whitlock, both New Hampshire residents, are two of the founders of Lamassu, a company which manufactures some of the world’s first Bitcoin ATM machines.  Voorhees is co-founder of Coinapult and was the founder of the Bitcoin gambling website SatoshiDice.

Bitcoin Accepted By Numerous New Hampshire Candidates

Numerous New Hampshire pro-liberty state representative candidates now accept campaign contributions via Bitcoin. They include, but are not limited to:

  • David Crawford (r), running in Keene (Cheshire 4)
  • Harrison deBree (r), running in Dover and Somersworth (Strafford 17)
  • Joe Fraser (r), running in Dover and Somersworth (Strafford 17)
  • Dan Garthwaite (r), running in west Manchester (Hillsborough 17)
  • Shem Kellogg (r), running in Atkinson and Plaistow (Rockingham 14)
  • Darryl W. Perry (l), running in Keene (Cheshire 16)
  • Brian Seaworth, running in Pembroke and Chichester (Merrimack 20)

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  1. KeithforNH   July 28, 2014 at 7:06 PM

    Great post! People may donate to Andrew Hemingway for Governor here.

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  3. Mike Lorrey   August 7, 2014 at 6:11 PM

    I’ve publicized that I’m accepting bitcoin for several weeks now. I’m running for the legislature in Grafton County District 10 (Enfield) and am facing off against a seriously anti-liberty incumbent, a leftist professor from Dartmouth who tried to get a bill through to empower police to seize guns without warrants based on allegations of mental unfitness. She has support of out-of-state anti-gun groups like Bloomberg’s astroturfing, and I can use all the help I can get. I also plan on sponsoring a bill if elected to require the state to accept bitcoin for payment of any tax, fee, fine, excise, debt, or other payment (like alcohol sales), and to require the same of any state chartered bank.
    You can scan my bitcoin QR code at my Facebook page:
    Thank you for your support, and may we take the legislature this year for liberty!

  4. Gerald T.   February 12, 2017 at 3:26 AM

    I think Bitcoin will be Main stream by 2020 … Bitcoin is working well with CrowdFunding:


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