Shire Liberty News is proud to regularly feature original writing by a team of New-Hampshire based contributors who write, vlog and podcast about liberty issues.


Carla Gericke profile picCarla Gericke is the President of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to educate Granite Staters of the advantages of more independence from the federal government. She served as president of the Free State Project from March 2011 to March 1, 2016,and remains on its Board of Directors. Carla is a recovering Silicon Valley lawyer, and holds an MFA in creative writing. She speaks and writes about liberty, law, and the arts. The views expressed on this website are her own in her personal capacity as an activist, and do not necessarily reflect those of, nor are they endorsed by, any organization with which she is affiliated.


Founder/Former Editor

Sandy PierreSandy Pierre has 15 years of experience writing for libertarian organizations. She relocated to New Hampshire as a participant in the Free State Project in 2005 and has held leadership roles in a number of New Hampshire-based pro-liberty groups, including the Free State Project, the Merrimack Valley Porcupines, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, and the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.



Bill Walker at Yellowstone 2011 068_cropBill Walker is a scientist, writer and political activist in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire. Bill is a member of the Sullivan County Republican Committee, is active in the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, and is currently running for State Representative. More of his writing can be found at the Bedford Patch.


Emmett Harris bio picEmmett Harris is a financial analyst and writer in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Emmett relocated from North Carolina in 2013 with his family.  More of his writing can be found at Strike the Root.




Dale Everett profile picDale Everett is the former host of Flaming Freedom LGBT Talk Radio on the LRN.FM radio network. More of his writing and original liberty-themed comic art can be found at Anarchy In Your Head.




Lauren Rumpler aka Objectivist GirlLauren Rumpler, better known as Objectivist Girl, write, vlogs, and podcasts about Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.  Her goal is to empower the Millennial generation by inspiring rational self-interest.





Brinck SlatteryBrinck Slattery has worked in politics and now runs his own marketing business: Solutions+. He is running for New Hampshire State Representative (R) in Hillsborough District 10 (Manchester).




Curt Howland bio picCurt Howland says that it was public school that made him the anarchist he is today. “Nothing so bad could possibly be good.” He proof-read Jason Sorens’ original essay about the Free State Project before it was published, and moved to New Hampshire in 2011. He blogs, rarely, at


Scott McPherson bio pic

Scott McPherson has been writing professionally for fifteen years, and has served as a policy adviser at the libertarian Future of Freedom Foundation since January 2003. He and his wife Charlotte moved to Portsmouth in August 2006 to support the Free State Project. Scott loves baseball, movies, theatre, stand-up comedy, good beer, reading, history, travel, live music, bird-watching, and being in the ocean. Visit his blog at Portsmouth Patch.

Mike RuffMike Ruff is a Free State Project early mover, a certified mediator, a blacksmith, a firearms instructor, and collects degrees and certifications. He blogs at Stoic Smith.




Richard MastaRichard Masta has lived in the wondrous place called New Hampshire since childhood. He writes about his adventures and lessons in liberty. He blogs at

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  1. Mike Skidmore   November 3, 2015 at 8:46 PM

    Hi, wow. That’s a lot of freedom blogs, thanks.

    • editor   November 5, 2015 at 7:01 AM

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