7 Principles of PorcFest

LANCASTER – Planning continues for the Free State Project‘s eleventh annual Porcupine Freedom Festival, aka PorcFest.  The week-long liberty summercamp continues to grow and innovate.  A few notable changes this year include the following:

  • For the first time, tickets will not be sold at the event. Prior registration is required.
  • There is a new, time-tiered pricing system.  Tickets were originally sold for $45 at Liberty Forum for the full week. Then the price rose to $65, and currently sits at $75.  It will eventually rise to $100.  The rationale behind this is to encourage attendees to register sooner rather than later, to facilitate event planning.
  • Security has been provided by members of Church of the Sword for the last five years. CotS is a nondenominational church founded by liberty activists that holds weekly services.  This year, security will be provided by the PorcRangers, led by New Hampshire native Tara Powell.  Fr33Aid will continue to provide volunteer first aid services.
  • The PorcFest organizing team, led by Kristin Weitzel and Matt Philips, has adopted a set of guiding principles.  Weitzel and Philips are Burning Man alumni and are injecting elements of that unique and world-famous event into this year’s PorcFest.  The seven principles are as follows:

7 Principles of PorcFest

  1. INSPIRE – Demonstrate the value of the FSP through rhetoric and reality.
  2. EDUCATE – Expand our understanding of the philosophy of liberty and how to manifest it in our lives.
  3. RIGHTS – Respect personal and property rights. Clean up after yourselves and each other. Exercise proper firearms etiquette.
  4. INCLUSION – Interact courteously with fellow attendees, vendors, and volunteers. We welcome and respect people with different backgrounds and philosophies.
  5. PARTICIPATE – Don’t just attend – volunteer, vend, promote, share your project or passion.
  6. COMMUNITY – Uphold and share the values that make us great. Cooperate and collaborate. Contribute to and take advantage of our amazing resources.
  7. CELEBRATE – Express your excitement at having found your tribe.

Much of this year’s schedule is still under wraps. Stay tuned for more details as they are released.

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